WP Optimiser Plugin

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

WP Optimiser PluginI have quite a few websites which I have been running for many years. All of them but one are using WordPress as a platform. Despite WordPress being my favourite platform, there are still many things which I wish I knew more about. One of the issues I have been wondering about is – how much traffic am I losing by not optimising my sites in order to reduce the loading speed.

True, I am eager to learn and have been implementing certain strategies. I have installed a few plugins on the site to speed it up. Caching, image compression and database optimisation plugins are some of my favourite and a must on any site I build.

The steps I have taken have reduced loading time and made my sites lighter and more efficient. However, the speed is still not as fast as I would like it to be. Ok, I have fast internet. But I have to think about the people who view my sites from their mobile devices, and I have been ignoring this issue for too long. As a result, my sites are overloaded with all sorts of useless data which should be dumped for good.

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